Executive Board


Farwa Barra: Director

Ume is a senior majoring in English. She has been a part of ICF since her freshman year, getting involved with the organization by volunteering at events that celebrate cultural diversity. During her sophomore, she officially joined the E-board as Marketing Co-Chair. In her junior year, she took on the role of Entertainment Co-Chair. Applying to be Director felt like a natural push, considering how much she loves ICF and its mission in promoting diversity and inclusivity on the VCU campus and the greater Richmond community.. WIth VCU’s immensely diverse campus, Ume hopes that ICF is a safe-space for students to come and celebrate their own culture with their peers and learn about others.

Jisoo Shin: Assistant Director

Jisoo is a junior majoring in Graphic Design. An international student from South Korea, Jisoo first joined ICF as the Graphic Designer in her freshman year and currently serves as the Assistant Director. She has loved being a part of the organization to bring a diverse range of individuals together through food, performance, and activities on campus. She hopes that ICF provides a welcoming space for the VCU community to try new things and start conversations on blurring boundaries between cultures.

Jonathan Butler: Programming Co-Chair

Jonathan is a junior majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice. This is not his first brush with ICF. During his sophomore year, he served as Volunteer Chair for the organization and he now serves as one of the Programming Chairs for the board. He first discovered ICF at the Fall 2016 SOVO Fair and soon after volunteering at the various cultural events, he fell in love with the organization. "ICF here at VCU means so much to me because it not only allows me to grow and learn more about my own personal culture, but it also gives me the opportunity to embrace other cultures that present here on campus."

Victoria Crouch: Programming Co-Chair

Victoria is a sophomore majoring in graphic design and minoring in business. She first discovered ICF after volunteering at the annual Intercultural Festival her freshman year. She loves being part of ICF because of its dedication to spreading cultural awareness around the VCU community. She hopes that ICF can help foster a sense of learning, diversity, and community through their various campus events and festival.

Sabrina Rusli: Marketing Chair

Sabrina is a senior in Information Systems and is working towards a baccalaureate certificate in Product Innovation through VCU’s da Vinci program. She currently serves as the marketing chair for ICF, which means she promotes our events on our social platforms, works with graphics, and captures moments during our events. She is Indonesian and joined ICF this year because still remembering that first Intercultural Festival she attended freshman year, she wanted to join an organization that promotes the appreciation of different cultures on campus and also be part of the hands who plan the festival.


Ayeshah Bashir: Entertainment Chair

Ayeshah is a senior majoring in early elementary education. Although this is her first year in ICF, it is not her first time being on the board of an organization that promotes diversity. Ayeshah has always been driven to spreading cultural awareness and because of this, ICF caught her eye when she transferred to VCU. She loves what it stands for, the message it sends and the personal benefit of getting to know other cultures.


Mishaal Gilani: Volunteer Chair

Mishaal is a sophomore majoring in Biology with a Pre-Med track. She discovered ICF her freshman year at the SOVO fair. After she volunteered for different cultural events, she ended up loving it. She’s currently Volunteer Chair and has the opportunity to experience, appreciate, and celebrate many different cultures. Mishaal continues to learn new things and believes in order for relationships and connections to be made and upheld, understanding cultures and being open minded allows you to see things in a different perspective.

Janaan Deen: Finance Chair

Janaan is a junior majoring in Psychology with a Pre-Med track. This is her first year as an ICF e-board member, but her third year participating in ICF. Before becoming an e-board member, Janaan was a volunteer for the ICF events which initially sparked her interest in the organization. With further research into ICF as an organization, she realized that ICF’s mission of promoting cultural awareness throughout VCU and surrounding communities complimented her own personal goals. Being apart of ICF, has allowed her to be proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that may be different from her own. Janaan hopes to continue celebrating rather just tolerating the differences between cultures in order to bring about unity in diversity through ICF.

Gaby Dunston: Operations Chair

Gabrielle is a junior majoring in psychology, with a pre-occupational therapy advising track. This is her first year participating in ICF and she currently serves as the operations chair. Getting involved in ICF for Gabrielle was an incredible opportunity and aligns closely with her personal and professional goals. "Having grown up in the heart of New York City- I've always had a deep appreciation for the different ways people express themselves through food, language, art, and tradition. I feel very fortunate being a community member in a place where there has been so much diversity of culture. I wanted to help shape a similar experience at VCU. ICF creates a space for students to actively contribute to a more vibrant and diverse campus community. It shows us that our differences make us stronger, and through unity, we can all feel valued while calling VCU our home."